The Living Poets Society

Who are we?

The one and only thing that we have in common is a love of poetry. As the main and founding group of the Living poets Society, we live in or around Coventry. There are however daughter groups in other parts of the country.

You will find out more about our membership, how to join us, and the executive officers of the group on the membership page. Press the membership tab.

What we are about

We meet at regular intervals and share our love of poetry. The poems shared at our meetings are those of our own favourite clasic poets coupled with some that we have written ourselves. Not every member writes poems. What we all have in common is a love of poetry.

We also share our love of poetry and poems we have discovered on our blog.

You can find out about our meetings including the time and dates of future meets on the meeting page. Press the meeting tab. You may also be interested in the contents of the blog.