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Jon Plumley


Coventry: My Home

A proud inhabitant of The City of Coventry UK. Although I wasn't born in Coventry I have lived here for more than half my life. I am very happy to be living in one of the oldest cities in the country, and am fascinated by its history. Coventry is a city to which the King twice brought his parliament, and thus on two occasions became The Capital of England.


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My current interest is in the production of quality web sites. I try to ensure that my sites, under the auspices of 'C21 Web Designs', are consistent in different browsers and on any machine irrespective of its operating system, and are as far as possible future proofed.

A picture link to Photograp Gallery I am an avid reader but also have an interest in photography, though very much as an amateur. As a member of 'The Coventry Art Guild' I paint whenever I can find the time. Check out 'My Artwork Page' to see some examples of my artwork.

Academic Interests

An Academic logo I was, until recently, a Member of Biomedical Applied Research Group (BIOCORE) in the Faculty of Engineering and Technology Coventry University. Previously a senior lecturer, an undergraduate and post-graduate supervisor, and also a post-graduate student at Coventry University. I still retain an interest in academic matters and in research.